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Port Arthur Massacre

Government Cover-up at Port Arthur

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For further details and investigative report. (WARNING: Not for the faint hearted.)
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Gentle Martin Bryant?
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"I'd like a word with you Mr Howard..."

Gentle Martin Bryant

This is the real Martin Bryant, an accurate image of a gentle young man that the media was determined you would never be allowed to see.

Joe Vialls, 18 March 2001

MARTIN BRYANT as a young lad.

Many close friends of the Bryant family have been appalled by the media's behavior, and equally appalled that anyone would stoop so low as to "engineer" this gentle and intellectually impaired young man into a notorious killer. Most point out that media fiction about his life is no more than that - just fiction, albeit of the vicious and falsely-incriminating kind.

If you are reading this and live in Australia, rest assured that the picture above could be that of your own son or father or brother. Australian politicians and the Judiciary long ago decided to throw justice to one side, in favour on a new and frightening Orwellian reality, where political incompetence and national security considerations are brushed under the carpet, and young men like Martin are sacrificed for a "greater good."

You are reminded once again that there is not a shred of evidence linking Martin Bryant to Port Arthur, or to the multiple murders committed there on 28 April 1996: No fingerprints, no DNA, no weapons or ballistics matches. Not a single one of the much-lauded "eyewitness" statements is, or will ever be, valid in a court of law.

Remember also that Bryant did not confess, but was brutalized in strictly-illegal solitary confinement until he was "ready" to say guilty during early November 1996. That we should allow this to happen at all to an intellectually impaired young man (IQ 66) in our society, says much about our morals, and even more about our decline as a civilized people.

Responsibility for Bryant's plight today rests solely with the media. Without its not-so-careless creativity, this man would have received a fair hearing and a proper trial, which would certainly have been of benefit to us all in terms of Australian national security. We must continue to fight for this man's human rights, despite recent media attempts to once again cover its own heavily-soiled tracks in this case.

If you would like to copy Martin's photo for your files, or to print out as hard copy to stick on the fridge door as a reminder of gross media deception, proceed as follows: Right-click on the picture with your mouse and "save as" or "save picture as" in your computer's "My Documents" folder. Select printer and print the file.

Joe Vialls, 18 March 2001

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